Lucas Van Haegenborgh: "Art movements come and go, similar to everything which is bound to time and pace. Making a choice from the overwhelming offer of today is far from easy. The speed at which everything evolves, the cultural globalization, technology and communication are sources of inspiration for the contemporary artist. Myself, I am not part of a well defined family, school or movement. My plastic art originates from a journey of discoveries consisting of the interaction of my own person and what exists around me. Not every creative expression is art, however every art form requires craftsmanship, which for many is an old fashioned word. One can not compare apples to lemons, a sculpture is not a conceptual installation, but both call for talent and force. My personal expedition is a long quest for essences, whether I translate them in a classical way or differently. Herein, the central issue is to see through the complexity of being and expressing it in a new, fresh way every time again. Art which sets itself apart manages to express that feeling of higher amazement which we are all familiar with. The quest for this is not a mistake."

(Lucas Van Haegenborgh - 2009)